G’day, I’m Matthew Moate. For over two decades, I’ve been deeply rooted in the wine industry, not merely as a consultant but as a partner, mentor, and guide. What drives me? Assisting businesses and individuals to carve out their unique path in Australia’s dynamic wine landscape.

It’s not just about making introductions or connections. It’s about truly understanding the pulse of the industry, pinpointing opportunities, and crafting strategies that resonate. With a rich tapestry of relationships and a wealth of knowledge, I’m here to ensure you don’t just navigate the wine world but genuinely thrive within it.

My philosophy? “Making the wine world better… One connection at a time.” But it goes deeper than that. I empower you, guiding you to forge your own connections, identify opportunities, and leave a lasting mark.

With a pioneering spirit, I’ve championed industry 4.0 technologies, opening new doors for countless businesses. My influence, with over 18,000 LinkedIn connections and regular contributions to Australia’s wine media, is undeniable. But beyond the numbers, it’s the success stories, the businesses I’ve mentored and watched flourish, that truly ignite my passion.

From my time as the CEO of Wine Industry Suppliers Australia Inc to being a founding member of the FOMENT advisory board, I’ve been at the coalface, moulding the future of our cherished industry.

So, if you’re keen to redefine your journey in the Australian wine industry, I’m here, ready to guide, advise, and collaborate with you. Together, let’s set your business on a trajectory of innovation, growth, and unparalleled success.

Keen to embark on this transformative journey? Let’s have a yarn and plot the course ahead.


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Matthew Moate
Matthew MoateManaging Consultant


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Matthew Moate
Matthew MoateManaging Consultant



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